Why Choose

White Diamond

Why choose
White Diamond?

When it comes to wedding bands in Ireland, you can choose between the great, the brilliant and the best!! White Diamond wedding band are just one of the above, and you can guess which. Why? Because:

We’re all highly talented
and experienced musicians

We sing fantastic harmonies as well as play an array of instruments

We look radiant at a wedding in our evening attire … but we’ll try not to outshine the Bride

We’ll travel to play at your wedding at any venue in Ireland.

We put on a versatile programme, with something for everyone

We not only stay in tune, but also attune ourselves to the mood and preferences of the audience …

We’re not afraid of being totally outshone We will allow Uncle Joe to take the floor and sing ‘Danny Boy’

We get a kick out of helping to make a wedding night happy and memorable

We provide exceptional value