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Wedding Bands in Offaly and Tipperary, The White Diamond Wedding Band

Wedding Bands Offaly: Weddings in Offaly are an experience we look forward to on a regular basis. We simply love this part of the country and get great enjoyment entertaining at weddings in the area.

Whether you are getting married in Offaly or Tipperary, we will be happy to travel to your venue of choice at any time of the year.

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Why should you hire White Diamond as your wedding band in Offaly?

There are hundreds of wedding bands across Ireland that would be happy to play at your Offaly Wedding! However, you’re looking for that ‘something special’ aren’t you? White Diamond Wedding bands Offaly ARE that something special. We go to any lengths needed to ensure that our wonderful brides and grooms have a night to remember!

White Diamond have spent many years entertaining wedding parties up and down the country, and know what keeps a crowd on their feet! Our band can judge the mood in a room and know just what type of music to play to keep every member of your wedding party entertained! If Uncle Joe wants to get up and sing a song with us, we’ll happily provide backing vocals!!

For wedding bands Offaly, feel free to pop over to the set list page of the website for an overview of the playlist we offer. We are happy to accommodate any special requests you may have and will always sing your first dance song live for you, in whatever style or version you desire.

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Wedding Bands Tipperary, White Diamond Wedding Band

Wedding Bands Tipperary: White Diamond Wedding Band have been performing at weddings throughout Tipperary for many years. We love returning at any given opportunity. Wherever your reception is being held across the county, we’ll be happy to assist in any way we possibly can.

Our 5-piece band is unique in that it is made up of 3 vocalists, meaning we can deliver fantastic harmonies. Each of our members are musician’s in their own right. We’re very lucky to boast the talents of guitar, bass, drums, keyboard and synth. There is no song we can’t play and we will always work hard to ensure we give you the entertainment you deserve.

Wedding Bands Ireland White Diamond

Wedding bands Offaly

Smart dress, polished performance, professional service and unbeatable prices are all part of the White Diamond experience. Most importantly, our band will ensure that everything is in place to make the night an outstanding success.

Give us a call now to book your wedding bands Offaly and we’ll get started on planning the entertainment for your big day straight away!