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The White Diamond wedding band – your questions answered

Do you have public liability insurance?

Yes, and we can reassure your wedding hotel by providing them with the relevant paperwork if necessary.

Do we have to pay a deposit?

When we confirm a booking, we ask for a small deposit.

What kind of outfits do you wear?

As a wedding band, we dress for the occasion: white shirts and navy waistcoats and trousers. Smart! For gigs in general, we usually dress more casually.

Do you provide a DJ?

Yes, and we make a particular point of not using a band member. An experienced, professional DJ works with us and is available if you wish.

What’s the best time for a band to start playing?

At a wedding or party, it’s best to wait a little after a meal so that guests have time to digest, get a drink, and move around and mingle. Depending on the timing, it’s also good to begin after dark as this helps to set the mood better.

Do you play more old-time stuff, such as waltzes?

We’ll get the whole room waltzing with pleasure … we make sure that we cater for all age groups, so waltzes are part of our set. Note that the younger people often love old favourites, while older people often like the latest music – or at least pretend to!

How loud do you play?


It depends. We are sensitive to the nature of the guests or audience, so we change the level of loudness to suit. The band tests sound levels before playing and adjust accordingly to room size, number of guests and the general ‘vibe’ of the event. They also know how to work with hotel sound restrictions.

Do you take requests?

Of course. As with impromptu singers, though, our job is to keep people happily dancing and to fill the dancefloor, so we sometimes have to use our discretion when taking requests. A long list of requests can be difficult for a band to manage, and it can limit and disrupt them. White Diamond know what works well and can read what kind of music guests enjoy, so – apart from a sensible number of requests –it’s generally best to leave it to them.

Are you ok with guests doing some singing themselves?

We are. But we have to make sure that there aren’t too many impromptu singers as this can slow down or disrupt the party. So it’s best to discuss this in advance and let us know possible singers before we start our set, as we might advise limiting their number so as to ensure the programme keeps rocking.

Do you have a list of songs so we can choose ones we’d like you to play?

We have a set list, which you can look at here. We’ll be glad to play songs you want, so just let us know your preferences. But we’re a live band and know from experience that it’s important to select music through the night as it progresses. We keep gauging the music the guests show a special liking for and choose accordingly, in order to have as many people as possible out on the dancefloor and enjoying themselves. It’s usually best if you have a look at the set list and indicate several songs you really want – and any ones that you really don’t want!

Can we ask for a special song for the first dance?

Yes, indeed, and for the last dance too … and if you’re not sure what to choose, just ask us and we can give you a hand as we’ve found that some songs work really well.

How long do you play for?

We play for two and a half hours inclusive of a fifteen minute break to allow the venue to serve refreshments but we can play straight through if you’d prefer.

I see you’re based in the Midlands. Will you come down all the way to Cork city to play a wedding?

Of course. Cork is not yet on our banned list. We’re right at the centre of the country so we’ll sing our way to any corner, from Donegal to Waterford and from Dundalk to Dingle, to add zip and harmony to your wedding. In fact we love playing in new places and meeting new people.

How much do you charge … and are you available?

The above two questions are usually the ones we are asked first. The answers depend on venue, time of year, day of week and other factors, but we give great value for money. To find out, please fill out the form on our Contacts page, give us a ring at 086-1912010 or send us an email at



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